Whey Protein Concentrate - Central and West

     Whey Protein Concentrate - Central and Western U.S.

     Report 46 - Released on November 14, 2019

     Whey protein concentrate 34% prices are unchanged. Some manufacturers would like to see the
     WPC34% price move higher, tracking the trajectory of nonfat dry milk over the last few
     months. However, end users are not enamored with that idea. WPC34% buyers seem willing to
     take on extra loads at contract prices to assure coverage, but generally balk at efforts by
     processors to move the price higher. Production is steady and inventories range from readily
     available to committed and tight. WPC34% that meets stringent customer specifications has
     the tightest supplies.
     Prices for: Central and Western U.S., All First Sales, F.O.B., Extra Grade, Conventional,
     and Edible Whey Protein Concentrate
     Price Range - 34% Protein; $/LB:                       .7500 - 1.1100
     Mostly Range - 34% Protein; $/LB:                      .8800 - 1.0300

     Information for the period November 11 - 15, 2019, issued weekly

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