Lactose - Central and West

     Lactose - Central and Western U.S.

     Report 46 - Released on November 14, 2019

     The price range for lactose is unchanged, but the bottom of the mostly price series moved a
     penny higher. Some processors say they are seeing demand for lactose used in standardization
     picking up. Manufacturers report lactose is moving well through current contracts. Prices
     for other dairy carbohydrates are improving, and there seems to be fewer lactose spot sales
     at the bottom of the price range. Inventories are mixed and vary by manufacturer. Some
     processors have stocks that are readily available, while others are heavily committed well
     into 2020. A few lactose producers are beginning Q1 contracting and report prices at or
     slightly above those of Q4. As a result, some industry contacts suggest a sentiment that the
     lactose market could be stabilizing. However, a few other contacts are more guarded. They
     still see the lactose market as fraught with the specters of the African swine fever and
     trade issues that have not been resolved. In addition, they report some warehouses in
     Southeast Asia are full, and a few large companies have much of their Q1 2020 needs already
     filled. Without more sales in other channels, the market could return to heavy inventories
     and lower prices.
     Prices for: Central and Western U.S., Spot Sales And Up to 3 Month Contracts, F.O.B.,
     Conventional, and Edible Lactose
     Price Range - Non Pharmaceutical; $/LB:                .1800 - .3700
     Mostly Range - Non Pharmaceutical; $/LB:               .2500 - .3300

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